Management & business

Tactical project management and support of all your projects. We assess, advise and implement or manage the implementation. Our expertise covers a wide range of business cases.

  • Business analysis

    Assessing the current situation and filling the gap between “as is” and “to be” .

    Based on our solution we design the solution to solve the gap looking both at existing and build-to-suit solutions. We design, test, prototype and fine-tune based on our experience and with your approval in every step. We only finish when our customer is satisfied.

  • Pricing

    Pricing is about optimising margin. So either maximising prices and/or lowering costs.

    The variables are price elasticity, competition, planning optimisation, etc. Pricing is often not fixed but can change in time as the variables change. Setting up pricing strategies takes experience, excellent modelling skills and a sense for business but it adds to your bottom line in an exponential way.

  • Change management

    Every major project is by definition a change project. The TAG consultants will assess possible change resistance and will set up a process towards acceptance. This takes a healthy dose of emotional intelligence and a straightforward view on the effort needed in time.

    “They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” Andy Warhol

  • Optimisation

    Some call it operational excellence or lean, some process optimisation or continuous improvement. We look at a flow or process with an open mind looking at often low-hanging fruit changes and hidden capacity.

    The end result is a significant optimisation with a good ROI.

  • Finance projects

    We develop data-based financial modelling to predict and/or allocate costs to the right cost centre. Predicting allows you to make better decisions and build “what if” scenarios that show the result of an action in theory.