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Medior Functional Analyst

At TAG IT we support large leading corporations to optimize their IT in two ways. Firstly, we align existing IT departments with the constant changing and demanding business reality and requirements. Secondly, we design, develop and deliver new tailor made IT solutions.

TAG IT is a young, lean and innovation driven company that works extremely agile but at the same time builds on the knowledge and experience of in depth IT experts in our team. We are agile as a start-up, but with extensive experience on top.

Function description

Activity & role

  • Collaboration with client to improve existing technology at client site
  • Advisory of and organization of necessary development and software transfers to the client’s changing business reality and requirements
  • To collect, consolidate, analyze and prioritize customer requirements
  • To analyze and document as-is business processes and the elaboration of to-be processes in BPMN
  • To ensure functional integration of applications
  • To develop a high-level solution for the customer
  • To assist clients in implementing a change process (from an as-is to to-be situation)
  • To coordinate and follow-up junior team members to:
    • understand the business requirements
    • study the procedures and systems currently in place
    • write functional specifications for developers & testers
    • support developers
    • participate in testing activities
    • write user manuals and other documentation
    • train existing users in new capabilities
    • coordinate the development and implementation of change requests


  • To propose and set up solutions to meet business requirements using new or existing technologies in collaboration with architects and technical experts
  • To get solutions approved by management (which requires to prepare reports that balance costs and benefits to present to managers)

Skillset & qualifications

Master’s Degree

3 – 10 years of experience

Technical skills:

  • Knowledge of
    • Programming languages like Java, JavaScript, Phyton or .Net and respective frameworks as well as server systems
    • Business process management
    • Domain models (UML) Full methodology
    • Business strategy
    • Project management (theoretical – waterfall, PRINCE2 or related, Agile / Scrum)
    • Enterprise and software architecture
  • Experience with
    • Agile software development
    • Agile product ownership
    • Jira or other bug tracking software
    • Functional acceptance tests
    • QA test and acceptance coordination with the end customer
    • Developing user stories
    • Refining high level processes + drafting work processes
    • Compiling a glossary & logical data model
    • Setting up business & IT roles
    • Listing new functional requirements
    • Fit gap analysis
    • Training & related documentation   

Intrapersonal (team & client):

  • Communicative and customer oriented
  • Able to present complex problems and solutions in a simple way
  • Experienced in an agile environment


  • Fluent in English, Dutch and French
  • Strong analytical skills, with a solid IT-technical baggage
  • Diplomatic, charismatic
  • Forward thinking, Strategic thinking

Nice to have: “a consultant mindset and attitude”

  • You perform best is a changing and flexible work environment
  • You can deliver under pressure but can also be proactive and innovative in calmer phases
  • You are curious about different sectors, industries and way of working
  • All your actions & decisions are based on a ‘customer first’ principle
  • You are flexible and not afraid of resistance or a challenge

TAG IT offering

Learning opportunities & self-development:

  • Join an IT consulting organization where you career development is supported by a strong coaching system.
  • Tag-IT actively supports your personal development. You get the time and space to constantly update your knowledge and become a real expert.
  • As a functional analyst at Tag-IT you will be deployed on various projects with medium and large customers. In other words: no lack of challenge.
  • Our team consists of driven analysts and developers who are all experts in their field.