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Meet the customer: Syndo Health

How would you describe Syndo in general?

Syndo is a company that helps people suffering from a chronic disease to positively manage their illness. Syndo tries to achieve this by means of digital technology and personal lifestyle guidance.

Chronic diseases are responsible for about 80% of Belgium’s healthcare budget. The reason for this being that chronic diseases also require ‘chronic treatment’, in which the lifestyle of the patient has a crucial role in their therapy. However, it turns out that the traditional healthcare systems are ill-suited to support patients living with a chronic disease. As a result, there is commonly limited adaptation of the patient’s lifestyle to match their condition, resulting in many unnecessary re-hospitalisations leading to an increase in healthcare costs.

What makes the Syndo applications unique for the users?

The uniqueness of Syndo is in the combined knowledge of three main domains:

  • Medical: Syndo applications are built for specific pathologies, with the input of medical specialists. The application for patients suffering from cardiac failure, for instance, is built together with one of the best cardiologists in Belgium.
  • Paramedical: input from dieticians, physiotherapists, tobacco/nicotine dependency coaches, sleep research experts, and many more scientists is implemented in the applications. This makes that all practical tips in the Syndo applications are scientifically validated.
  • Behavioural sciences: Syndo applications include different proven techniques to facilitate behavioural changes.

Furthermore, Syndo is CE marked and has received a quality label from the Belgian government as one of the first mHealth applications.

What is the added value from TAG in the collaboration with Syndo?

The added value from TAG can been seen in several different key areas:

  • Design and establishment of business processes
  • Framework to meet the requirements for the CE marking for the medical devices
  • GDPR regulation and requirements
  • Technical development of our IT-tools.

The TAG-consultants that we have worked with were always very well up to the job. They are very competent in the required areas of expertise and with their “can-do mentality” the work just got done.

What are Syndo’s ambitions for the next years?

Next year, Syndo will be included in the supplementary insurance package of Partenamut. This will accelerate the growth of our company.

Syndo is planning to further develop its digital offering by increasing the number of supported pathologies and improving the existing functionalities.

Last but not least, Syndo is interested in going international via expansion into France and Germany where there is already for mHealth applications support via government reimbursement.

The Syndo Health team